Technology Resources


We recognize the importance of digital equity and have developed a list of resources available to students who seek assistance with tech needs. We will continue to expand this list as new resources are identified. Moving forward, Slug Support will continue to support the basic needs and technology needs of students by providing need based financial awards to assist with laptop repairs. Students can reach out to the email for these requests.

Technology Resources On Campus

University Library

Current UCSC students, faculty, and staff may borrow Dell laptops and Chromebooks from the Circulation Desk at both the Science & Engineering Library and the McHenry Library. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They may be reserved one day in advance by visiting the Circulation Desk at the library where you wish to borrow the laptop. One laptop per person may be checked out.

Loan Period
• The normal loan period is 4 hours.
•• Any student with a CruzID and Gold password can chech out a device. Patrons can check items again if no one is waiting for them. This must be done in person.
• Failure to return the equipment on time will result in an hourly fine.

Laptop Kiosks

UCSC students may check out Dell Windows laptop computers or chargers from the self-service laptop kiosks located at McHenry Library and the Science & Engineering Library.

Loan Period
• The normal loan period is 8 hours.
• Any student with a CruzID and Gold password can chech out a device. Patrons can check items again if no one is waiting for them. This must be done in person.
• Failure to return the equipment on time will result in an hourly fine.

Computer Labs

Lab computer platforms include Macintosh, Windows, and Unix (Linux). Capacity in computer labs ranges from eight to 48 workstations, and locations are distributed throughout the UCSC campus. In some locations, computer labs are equipped with specialized instructional technology equipment (HD data projectors, scanners, and video editing stations). Most labs are staffed with consultants.

Hours and Schedules

The DRC's ICAT Lab is also an available resource. There are 2 Macs and 3 PCs available and there is accessible software on all the computers so students using accommodations do not need to worry about having to install it.  There is also free printing. These services are open to all students.

Internet Issues

On Campus

If you are having issues with your internet connection and are living on campus, you can request assistance from ResNet by submitting an ITS Ticket through the provided link.  This will start the process for troubleshooting with one of their experts on ways to improve your connectivity.

Off Campus

Low Cost Internet - UC Santa Cruz is partnering with CruzIO to offer qualifying students low cost internet service in the Santa Cruz area.  If you are interested in this program, contact the Dean of Students through one of the following means.  A Slug Support Case Manager can help determine your eligibility. Please note that it does require some equipment to be installed so you will need approval from your landlord.
  • Preferred method of Contact: email the Dean of Students office at
  • Alternative method: phone the Dean of Students office at 831-459-4446 and leave a detailed voicemail including name, student ID, and a telephone number at which they can be reached.

Internet Boosters - If you are living in a space that is far away from the modem and router you can look into purchasing an internet booster or WiFi extender to help stabilize your connection.  There are many to choose from online, but this TP Mesh System was recommended by an ITS expert and has had wonderful results for students.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) - ACP is a Federal Communications Commission initiative to help low-income households pay for internet service and
devices. Students participating in Pell Grant, CalFresh, WIC, or SNAP qualify for ACP. Eligible students can receive:

  • Up to $30 per month discount on any Home Internet service offered by Internet Service Providers.
  • One-time discount of up to $100 for a computer or a tablet.
For more information, view this informational flyer from ACP.

Additional Resources

• ITS does not provide centralized funding for faculty, staff or students. Individuals have to contact their divisional supervisor/support.
• Check out the notes from the UCSC Digital Equity Webinar.
Refurbished laptops at a discount for students:
Budget increase information through Financial Aid.

Additionally, you can rent laptops from local businesses if you require a laptop or computer on
a temporary basis and cannot access or use the campus computers. Rent-A-Center has laptops
available from many locations, you can locate shops in your area and compare your local weekly
rates for computers or other technology.

Link to printable brochure