Campus Elections

2022 Campus Elections


We are pleased to announce that the outcomes for the 2022 Campus Elections are now available below. 


Click the links below to read the outcomes for all of the initiatives & candidates that were on the 2022 ballot:

2022 Overall Election Turnout 

Student Fee Measure Outcomes

*please note that neither Measure 76 nor Measure 77 received the 25% participation rate needed to pass

2022 Opinion Poll Outcomes

2022 Student Union Association (SUA) Officer Outcomes

2022 SUA Constitutional Amendment Outcomes

2022 Graduate Student Association (GSA) Officer Outcomes


Click the links below to read the details for all of the initives & candidates that were on the 2022 ballot: 

2022 Student Fee Measures

2022 Opinion Polls

2022 Student Union Assembly (SUA) Constitutional Amendments

2022 Student Union Assembly (SUA) Candidates

2022 Graduate Student Association (GSA) Candidates 

For more questions or clarifications regarding campus elections, please contact Travis S. Becker, Campus Elections Commissioner and Assistant Dean of Students, Strategic Initiatives & Policy Analysis at


Remaining Timeline for the 2022 Campus Elections Cycle 

4/25/2022 Voting ends at 11:59pm
5/2/0202 Chancellor verifies results and they are announced to the UCSC campus. Results released on website on 5/2/2022, and campus-wide email on 5/3/2022.
5/6/2022 Compulsory Fee Items are sent to the UC Office of the President for Final Approval
6/13/2022 Deadline for complaints about violations of elections (30 working days after verification)
Click here for more information on campus elections policy.
Click here to view results of past elections.