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Our goal is to address emergency situations, remove financial barriers, and to provide resources so that every student can make academic progress and ultimately graduate from UC Santa Cruz. 

  • Our Vision.  The Dean of Students Office envisions a university where every student has limitless opportunities and support to reach their highest goals for themselves and society. 
  • Students need help to be successful.  The Student Emergency Fund is a vital resource for students experiencing major life events that threaten their academic progress.  The Student Emergency Fund helps students bridge financial gaps during periods of distress, such as food insecurity, unpaid medical bills, familial issues, loss of family income, or self-funded students who need money for food or rent.
  • How it works. The Student Emergency Fund is administered by Slug Support, a program of the Dean of Students Office.  A trained Slug Support Manager provides personalized consultation with a long-term goal of stabilizing the student.  The fund helps alleviate financial stressors that are obstacles to student academic progress.  The fund is used to provide students with grocery or campus meal cards, emergency housing, mental health support, books and school supplies.  The UCSC Slug Support program serves about 1,500 students per year; the key outcome is to retain students during difficult times and move them toward graduation.  UCSC Slug Support creates significant good will consistent with UCSC’s principles of community and service.
  • Student need is increasing.  The number of students accessing assistance through the Slug Support program has nearly doubled in the last two years.  In 2014-2015, there were 899 cases managed by the Slug Support Managers; that number increased to 1640 in 2015-2016.  During the first six months of 2016-2017, more than 1,000 students were served.

Student Emergency Fund  Three Year Snapshot




Number of Cases




Graduate Student Cases

18 (3%)

27 (3%)

57 (5.2%)

Primary Presenting Concern is Financial Hardship




EOP Student Cases




Expenditures for Direct Assistance




  • More support is needed to sustain this program.  The annual cost to fund the Slug Support program is $400,000.  Currently, the only permanent budget associated with the program is $34,000.  The annual budget for the program has been pieced together using one-time funds generated through contributions from campus partners such as Student Health Services, College Provosts, Division of Student Success, and the Dean of Students, as well as the Student Emergency Fund which is generated through the generosity of donors such as you.
  • Join us in expanding the Slug family.  We invite you to partner with us to ensure that every student graduates from UCSC.
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