Contact Slug Support

Contacting Slug Support:

1) If you are a student needing assistance, you may contact Slug Support directly by:

**Please refer to Covid-19 Operational Plans for more information.

2) If you are faculty or staff, you may make a referral directly to a Slug Support Manager by:

  • Phoning the Dean of Students office at 831-459-4446; Please note that our team is working remotely right now and calling this number will direct you to a voicemail that is checked several times a week. For any immediate needs, please email us at or refer to our crisis schedule.
  • Emailing the Dean of Students office at

**Please note that Slug Support Managers are not available for immediate crises. If you are a student or are working with a student experiencing a mental health crisis, please call our 24 hour crisis line at 831-459-2628. If you are or are working with someone experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call the Police by dialing 911.

Drop-in virtually to meet with a Dean of Students Ambassador
     When are they available?
     Monday-Friday 11am-5pm
What can Career Ambassadors help you with?
     Referrals to Slug Support
     Connecting you to Basic Need Services
     Connecting you to other UCSC offices
     Connecting you to Dean of Students services
Click on this link to join the Virtual Front Desk
This video provides more information on the services provided by Slug Support.