The Spring 2024 UCSC Campus Elections will continue to be as accessible, confidential and convenient as possible, with voting taking place via an electronic ballot.

Students will have the option of voting from the comfort of wherever they'd like, and can acccess their ballot via the campus elections website, as well having the option to visit an in-person campus voting station and vote online there if that feels convenient between classes.

Votes will be accepted electronically between *Monday, May 13th, 2024- Friday, May 24th, 2024*. The ballot goes live at 12am on 5/13/2024 and the last votes are counted at 11:59pm on 5/24/2024.

We want to make sure everyone is able to access their ballot and exercise their right to make their voice heard in this election. If you know or even think that you might need to make arrangements to allow the election to be a more accessible experience for you, we invite you to either reach out to the Disability Resource Center if you'd like them to advocate on your behalf, or at your comfort you may also make the Dean of Students Office aware of your accommodations requests, whatever feels most affirming to your needs. Either way, ideally these accommodations should be made no later than Monday, May 6th, 2024, by either having the DRC contact on your behalf, or by contacting yourself, the Campus Elections Commissioner and Assossicate Dean of Students for Leadership & Engagement, Travis S. Becker, at, 

Here are some key dates to keep in mind as the 2024 Campus Elections Process kicks off in Winter 2024.

**Please note that some dates or timeframes may change, always with updates to ballot/referenda authors, SUA candidates and GSA candidates notified as early as possible of any changes**

Campus Elections Timeline 
Notes and Deadlines
Referenda Applications due for review to Dean of Students Office - for any proposed fees related to capital projects (i.e. new construction, building renovations, etc.). Send materials to
Deadline: 11:59 PM
Referenda, Opinion Poll, SUA Amendment Application due for review to Dean of Students. Send materials to
Deadline: 11:59 PM
Feb 2024- April 2024
Dean of Students Office completes work with Planning & Budget, Office of the President, etc. to finalize referendum language.
Referenda authors meet with SFAC for review of ballot language.
 April 2024 pending approval times
Following approval of referenda language, authors may begin to gather petitions or sponsorship from SUA, GSA, and/or College governments for referenda to be placed on ballot
April 2024
Dean of Students completes verification of signatures on referenda petitions and sponsorship forms and notifies authors if they have met requirements to proceed
April 2024 
Referenda & Candidate campaigns may begin
Pro/Con statements due to Dean of Students (
Due: 5:00 PM
Elections announcement in Tuesday Newsday
Endoresment Statement Deadline for ballot
Deadline: 5:00 PM
Date TBD Campus Elections Forum
Voting begins
Voting begins at 12:00 AM
Voting ends
Voting ends at 11:59 PM
By 5/28/2024
Chancellor verifies results. Results announced to campus.
Subject to change, pending ballot tabulation time by IRAPS
Compulsory Fee Items to UCOP President for Final Approval
Deadline for complaints about violations of elections policy (30 working days after verification)
*Please note that the above timeline will be updated several more times and continue to include more information as the election season unfolds, most specifically with regards to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Student Union Assembly (SUA) candidacy requirements and timelines.

More info about voting procedures: 

In order to vote, students will need to enter their Gold ID and Gold Password. If you do not have that information, check with the Office of the Registrar, (831) 459-4412.

At the time of the election, only currently registered (Spring 2024, based on third week records) undergraduate and graduate students at UCSC will be eligible to vote.

Votes may be cast from any computer with internet access.

Screening of voters, casting of votes, storing of votes, and determination of results will all occur electronically. Voter anonymity is built into this process. Every attempt has been made to ensure the security of all data. Any attempts at voter fraud will be handled as defined by campus policies. Fraudulent votes will be eliminated from elections results and will not count toward the minimum voting pool as required for each measure.

Ranked choice voting (RCV) will once again be used this year for the SUA officer elections. In RCV, voters will select their first choice candidate for any given position (including a write-in candidate) and may also rank as many of the remaining candidates as they wish in their order of choice. If a candidate receives more than 50% of the first choice votes, they win the race outright. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, an instant runoff will occur, wherein the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and voters who picked that candidate as their first choice will have their votes count for their second choice. This process continues until one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote.

Individuals who wish to challenge the election process or validity of the election results may file a written complaint with the interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success. A complaint must include a detailed explanation of the specific action or section of the election policy being grieved, or alleged to have been violated, and the remedy requested. The time limit for filing a complaint shall expire thirty (30) working days after the election results are announced, likely to occur on/around July 9th, 2024 of this election year, pending an official elections result announcement by the UCSC Chancellor.