Section 80 of the Student Handbook provides the mechanism through which students may vote to tax themselves for specific programs and services.  Section 80, the Policy on Compulsory Campus-Based Student Fees, outlines the following:

Compulsory campus-based student fees are fees levied at individual campuses, which must be paid by all registered students to whom the fee applies. Such fees may be used to fund: (1) student-related services and programs, including, but not limited to, referendabased student health insurance programs; (2) construction and renovation of student facilities such as student centers and recreation facilities; and (3) student governments, registered campus organizations, and student government- and registered campus organization-related programs and activities.

At UC Santa Cruz, the policy on compulsory campus-based student fees is enacted via the Campus Elections Policy and our local elections procedures.  Other related policies include the SUA Elections Code (See section D).