Announcing 2024 Elections Process:

The Dean of Students Office is pleased to announce the 2024 Campus Elections process. Students, staff, and faculty will have the opportunity to propose new or amended campus based fees, amendments to the Student Union Assembly (SUA) Constitution, or opinion polls. 

Please click below or HERE to complete your application to place an item on the 2024 ballot.

If you are submitting a new fee measure or an amendement to an existing fee measure, you will also need to fill out the supplemental fee measure form HERE. Please use this Excel Budget Template to assist you in developing your budget for a fee measure. You will be asked to attach this to your supplemental fee application. You may direct questions about the template or other budget issues to Lisa Bishop ( ).

Please note submission of this application - along with draft referendum language for those groups proposing a new fee or fee amendment - are due by 11:59 pm on Thursday, February 15th for all ballot initiatives. *Please note that this is an updated timeline from the ones shared in the orientation video. 

If you are interested in proposing an initiative for the 2024 Campus Elections ballot. Please review the orientation video below which provides an overview of the campus elections process.  It is mandatory to review the entire video if you plan to propose an initiative. The session provides an overview of the Campus Elections process, timeline, and policies, and includes resources and guidance on how to author a referendum, opinion poll, or amendment. If a team of students is working in collaboration with a campus administrative unit, we encourage them to view the orientation session video as well. Please note that the due dates for ballot initiatives have been updated since the recording of the video, all ballot initiatives are due by Wednesday, February 15th. The campus election date has also been updated since the recording of the video to begin on Monday, May 6th. 


You can access a PDF version of the slide deck from the information session, which includes hyperlinks to key policies and other information you may wish to review, below:


In drafting a measure for the ballot, you may wish to review examples from previous elections cycles in the campus elections archive.  Please note that the 2023 elections results will be added shortly. We are also providing direct links to recent examples of ballot language for fee measures , an opinion poll , and a SUA constitutional amendment .

For more information, or to request accommodation, please contact Travis S. Becker, Campus Elections Commissioner and Associate Dean of Students for Leadership & Elections. at at .

Click here for more information on campus elections policy. 


Questions or Clarifications? 

If you have any questions or clarifications about the Spring 2024 elections, please don't hesitate to reach out to Assosciate Dean of Students and Campus Elections Commissioner, Travis S. Becker, at or by calling 831-419-3109. For budget specific support or inquiries for the student fee measure, you can also contact Lisa Bishop  with the Office of Budget Analysis & Planning  at


Individuals who wish to challenge the election process or validity of the election results may file a written complaint with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success. A complaint must include a detailed explanation of the specific action or section of the election policy being grieved, or alleged to have been violated, and the remedy requested. The time limit for filing a complaint shall expire thirty (30) working days after the election results are announced.

Click here for more information on campus elections policy.

Click here to view results of past elections (2020- 2022 results to be added to archive soon)