2021 Campus Elections

Thank you for voting in this year's campus elections process! The results have been posted to the campus elections archive.


Timeline as of 4/19/2021. Dates and times may be adjusted as needed.

A table listing key dates for the 2021 Campus Elections process.
4/20/2021 Elections announcement in Tuesday Newsday
04/23/2021 Pro/Con statements due to Dean of Students (amv@ucsc.edu and barao@ucsc.edu)
5/3/2021 Voting begins
5/10/2021 Voting ends
5/22/2021 Chancellor verifies and announces results
6/23/2021 Deadline for complaints about violations of elections (30 working days after verification)

Student Union Assembly (SUA) Officer Elections

President of the SUA

Shivika Sivakumar || View Candidate Statement

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Kayla Gomez || View Candidate Statement

Vice President of External Affairs 

Rojina Bozorgnia || View Candidate Statement

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion 

Jose Marquez Cuevas || View Candidate Statement
Maria Dolores Castillo || View Candidate Statement

Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Dora Rasch || View Candidate Statement
Matthew Moran || View Candidate Statement

Vice President of Student Life 

Jimmy Gomez || View Candidate Statement

Stevenson Representative 

Ciara McDavis || View Candidate Statement

Cowell Representative 

Alejandra Vaca || View Candidate Statement

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Officer Elections

Click here for position descriptions.


Candidate: Jazmin Benton

Candidate statement: I am running for GSA President after a year of serving as Solidarity Officer. During this past year I have participated in conversations with admin on issues involving student welfare. As President I will have more opportunities to advocate on behalf of graduate students while honoring my fundamental goal of recentering marginalized voices.

Chair of the Council

Candidate: Isaac Karth

Candidate statement: After serving as Graduate Student Association treasurer for two years, I have a solid working knowledge of how things operate within the GSA (and the university at large). The most pressing needs for the chair to address are transparency and our shared history. This includes archiving information about our actions, making it available on our website, and updating our bylaws. As GSA Chair I also look forward to working with the department representatives to facilitate cross-campus communication and seek ways that we can use the resources of the university to improve the lives of all graduate students. I think it is going to be particularly important this coming year as we navigate the campus re-opening and deal with (hopefully) post-pandemic research.

Vice President of Shared Governance

Candidate: Dan Copulsky

Candidate statement: I served in this role for the 2020-2021 year. I think it is important to get graduate students nominated to campus committees so they can represent the grad student body.

External Vice President

Candidate: Rebecca Ora/rora

Candidate statement: Having served as EVP for several terms, I am uniquely equipped to represent our campus' interests and concerns (which include housing, cost of living, issues surrounding growth, NRST, among so many others) to the larger statewide UC body. My primary aim at the moment is to ensure that our grad students are not forced/coerced to pay a newly proposed statewide fee for student governance that does not represent us. I have also built coalitions with other campuses, most notably UC Berkeley, that have measurably benefited our causes. Because this position requires summer work, it is in need of immediately being filled, and I am prepared to do so.


Candidate: Tomas Ocampo

Candidate statement: I am running again for the Secretary/Webmaster position to continue serving the GSA and graduate student community. This year we completed the transition to our new GSA website and I hope to continue making it a resource for graduate students, especially as we start returning to campus over the next year. I look forward to working with GSA members and our graduate community to continue making UCSC a more inclusive, safe, and empowering community.


Candidate: Stephanie Herrera

Candidate statement: My name is Stephanie Herrera, and I am a first-year doctoral student in the Electrical Engineering department. I would like to run for the Graduate Student Association Treasurer because I believe that I have the qualifications and desire to make a positive contribution to the graduate student body. During my first year at UCSC, I became the GSA department representative for the ECE department, where I could familiarize myself with GSA meetings. Then, I joined the Annual Rates, Recharges, and Fees Committee, where I observed and commented on the room and board rate budget for campus student housing. Additionally, I have served as the Vice President of Finance for my sorority, Delta Gamma, where I managed a $150,000 budget, facilitated all fraternity transactions, and resolved financial affairs through collections.

SUA Constitutional Amendment

This amendment to the SUA Constitution balances the lopsided power dynamics within the SUA to allow for an equal distribution of power between colleges, student organizations, and at‐large students. A dedicated Transfer Student Representative and Students with Disabilities Representative are added. Additional refinements are made to the SUA Judicial Council, Officer Recall Procedures, and mechanisms for how conflicts of interest are addressed in the space. Further, content is reorganized in Articles II and III for clarity and ease of reading. Several additional changes are elaborated upon in the "Background on Proposed Amendment" document following this statement.

A vote of YES is a vote in favor of adopting this amendment effective immediately. A vote of NO is a vote against the adoption of this amendment.

Current Constitution [full document]

Proposed Amendment [full document]

Background on Proposed Amendment [full document]

Postponement of Fee Referenda Voting

 Voting on new student fee referenda has been postponed until the 2021-2022 academic year.

For more information, or to request accommodation, please contact Campus Elections Commissioners Asia Valdivia (amv@ucsc.edu) and Brian Arao (barao@ucsc.edu).

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