2019 Election Results 

The Spring 2019 campus elections period has now ended. Results are posted below.

For more information on campus elections policy, or to view results of past elections, please visit elections.ucsc.edu 

Members of the community may file complaints regarding the outcome or process of the elections through Wednesday 7/10/2019, per the Campus Elections Policy Appendix D.

Total Eligible Voters Ballots Cast Percent Voter Turnout
Undergraduate 16,367 6,678 40.80%
Graduate 1,794 542 30.21%
Total 18,161 7,220 39.76%

Fee Measure Results

Measure 70. [Undergraduate + Graduate]

Career Center Platforms and Programs Fee

Shall the undergraduate and graduate students of UCSC provide funding for the Career Center to support platforms and student directed programing by enacting a $10.89 per student, per quarter (fall, winter, spring) Career Center Platforms and Programs Fee, beginning Fall 2019? This fee will sunset in 12 years (through Spring 2031).

Votes Percent
Yes 3,705 57.03%
No 2,792 42.97%
Total turnout 6,497
% student population voted 35.77%

MEASURE 70 OUTCOME: FAILED. Did not attain minimum YES votes.


Measure 71. [Undergraduate]

Amendment to College Student Government Fee

Shall the undergraduate students of UCSC increase the College Student Government Fee from $10/per undergraduate student/per quarter to $20/per undergraduate student/per quarter over a four (4) year period to be allocated by separate student governments at each college? Under the advisement of the College Programs Coordinators, fee increase would go to support student events, student salaries, stipends for orientation staff, and funding allocations for student orgs. Effective fall quarter 2019 with an increase of $7, increasing $1 each fall until the total fee is $20.

Votes Percent
Yes 2,786 46.94%
No 3,149 53.06%
Total turnout 5,935
% student population voted 36.26%

MEASURE 71 OUTCOME: FAILED. Did not attain minimum YES votes.


Measure 72. [Undergraduate + Graduate]

Student Success Hub Facility Fee

Shall the undergraduate and graduate students of UCSC approve the Student Success Services Hub Fee to be assessed to all students as part of the Kresge College Renewal Project? This compulsory $23.90 quarterly fee will be assessed in the fall, winter, and spring quarters, and a reduced fee will be charged in the summer quarter based on the level of services available and consultation with the Student Fee Advisory Committee. The fee would allow the Division of Student Success to secure permanent space as part of the Kresge College Renewal Project for the following critical student services and programs: Slug Support, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the COVE - UC Santa Cruz’s resource center for students in recovery.

Votes Percent
Yes 3,624 57.02%
No 2,732 42.98%
Total turnout 6,356
% student population voted 35.00%

MEASURE 72 OUTCOME: FAILED. Did not attain minimum YES votes.


Measure 73. [Undergraduate + Graduate]

Student Transportation Fee - Amendment to Measure 24

Shall the undergraduates and graduate students of UCSC increase the current quarterly Transportation Fee of $111.66 per student by $10.34 in Fall 2019, an additional $14.00 in Fall 2020, an additional $15.00 in Fall 2021, an additional $12.00 in Fall 2022, an additional $8.00 in Fall 2023, an additional $3.00 each Fall Quarter from 2024 through 2027, and an additional $4.00 in Fall 2028 and Fall 2029 ($191 quarterly total) which will provide additional funding to sustain transit services provided through Campus Transit Operations and the service contract with Santa Cruz Metro Transit District?

Votes Percent
Yes 6,133 88.05%
No 832 11.95%
Total turnout 6,965
% student population voted 38.35%

MEASURE 73 OUTCOME: PASSED. Measure 73 is subject to Presidential approval and is currently under review at Office of the President.


Student Union Assembly Constitutional Amendments 

This amendment focuses on providing new mechanisms for transparency and accountability concerning the Student Union Assembly. A total of 162 changes address loopholes in quorum calculation, reform the executive officer recall process, and add a Judicial Council to address SUA member conduct and the actions of the SUA in general. Further, the amendment provides a robust impeachment process, a method for
constituent organizations to disagree with the SUA, and also tie the SUA to the California Ralph M. Brown Act governing meetings and equitable access. Finally, the amendment acknowledges the jurisdiction, power, and rights of student organizations on this campus. Ultimately, these changes serve as a step forward in building trust between the SUA, student organizations, student governments, and the Undergraduate Student Body at UC Santa Cruz.

Votes Percent
Yes 5059 92.20%
No 428 7.80%
Total turnout 5487
% student population voted 33.52%



2019-2020 Student Assembly Officers

President Votes Percent
Davon Thomas 2,699 56.05%
Raynier Ramos 1,756 36.47%
Write-in 360 7.48%
Total turnout 4,815
Vice President of Internal Affairs Votes Percent
Alexandrina Chavez 2,126 47.76%
Cameron Elliott 1,057 23.75%
Ishaan S. Khemani 1,105 24.83%
Write-in 163 3.66%
Total turnout 4,451
Vice President of External Affairs Votes Percent
Lauren Woo 4,288 95.91%
Write-in 183 4.09%
Total turnout 4,471
Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion Votes Percent
Rachel Freeman-Cohen 2,736 63.64%
Saxon Stahl 1,428 33.22%
Write-in 135 3.14%
Total turnout 4,299
Vice President for Academic Affairs Votes Percent
Sierra Berg 2,560 59.22%
Aakriti Singh 1,640 37.94%
Write-in 123 2.85%
Total turnout 4,323
Vice President of Student Life Votes Percent
Bella Bullock 4,066 93.79%
Write-in 269 6.21%
Total turnout 4,335


2019-2020 SUA College Representatives

Cowell Votes Percent
Natasha Kohli 445 92.13%
Write-in  38 7.87%
Total turnout 483
Stevenson Votes Percent
Gianna Nicolich 512 96.79%
Write-in 17 3.21%
Total turnout 529

Results for the following College Representatives are TBA: Crown, Merrill, Nine, Ten, Porter, Kresge, Rachel Carson, Oakes


2019-2020 GSA Election Results

Total Eligible Voters Ballots Cast Percent Voter Turnout
Graduate Student Population 1,794 542 30.21%

GSA Officers

President Votes Percent
Yulia Gilichinskaya & Tony Boardman 382 96.46%
Write-in 14 3.54%
Total turnout 396
Internal Vice President of Shared Governance Votes Percent
Veronica Hamilton & Sarah Mason 368 98.13%
Write-in 7 1.87%
Total turnout 375
External Vice President Votes Percent
Rebecca Ora 346 97.74%
Write-in 8 2.26%
Total turnout 354
Chair of the Council Votes Percent
Radhika Prasad 141 38.11%
Abigail Walsh 223 60.27%
Write-in 6 1.62%
Total turnout 370
Secretary Votes Percent
Roy Sfadia 73 19.89%
Paloma Medina 103 28.07%
Jane Komori & Jack Davies 185 50.41%
Write-in 6 1.63%
Total turnout 367
Solidarity Officer Votes Percent
Natalie Ng & Clara Qin 238 64.85%
Karla E. Reyes & Michelle Gomez Parra 123 33.51%
Write-in 6 1.63%
Total turnout 367
Treasurer Votes Percent
Isaac Karth & Rowan Powell 353 98.60%
Write-in 5 1%
Total turnout 358

Opinion Poll Results

Sustainability Office Opinion Poll [Undergraduate + Graduate]

If a measure to renew rupport for the Sustainability Office was on a future election ballot, would you vote "yes" to continue the current $2.75/quarter fee to:

  1. Fund paid student positions in sustainability across campus and in the Sustainability Office
  2. Promote cross-campus dialogue and collaboration through opportunities such as the annual Sustainability & Social Justice Inter-Organizational Retreat, which serves over 100 students
Count Percent
Yes 4,070 74.51%
No 1,392 25.49%
Total 5,462

If yes, what would be the maximum fee amount that you would agree to contribute?

Count Percent
$2.75/quarter 1,091 30.92%
$3.00/quarter 677 19.19%
$3.25/quarter 301 8.53%
$3.50/quarter 128 3.63%
$3.75/quarter 1,331 37.73%
Total 3,528