Appendix A

University of California Authorized Student Governments

Appendix B

University of California: Use of the University’s Name, State of California Education Code, Section 92000

Appendix C

Non-Discrimination Policy, Statement for University of California Publications Regarding Student-Related Matters

Appendix D

University of California Policy and Supplemental Guidelines on the Marketing of Credit Cards to Students

Appendix E UCOP-Issued SVSH Adjudication Framework, Appendix E
Appendix F UCOP-Issued SVSH Adjudication Framework, Appendix F
Appendix G

UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

Appendix H

UCSC Academic Dishonesty Policy: Procedures for Dealing with Undergraduate Academic Dishonesty

Appendix I

UCSC Policy on Sexual Orientation Harassment/Discrimination

Appendix J

UCSC Guidelines for Speakers and Public Events: For Students and Campus Organizations

Appendix K

Policy for Acceptable Use of UCSC Electronic Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy)

Appendix L UC Santa Cruz Smoke & Tobacco-Free Policy
Appendix M

Public Nudity and Sexually Offensive Conduct Policy

Appendix N

UCSC Bias Incidents/Hate Policy & Procedures

Appendix O

UCSC Procedures for Ensuring Adequate Protection from Retaliation or Intimidation for Complainant(s), Witness(es), and other Individuals

Appendix P Official University Policy on Academic Integrity for Graduate Students
Appendix Q

Resources for Informal Resolution of Complaints or Grievances

Appendix R

Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California

Appendix S Missing Persons
Appendix T

Sex Offender Registry

Appendix U Hate Crimes
Appendix V

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

Appendix W

Campus-Specific/Local Procedures for Adjudication of SVSH Cases (UNDER REVIEW)

Appendix X  UCSC Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy for UCSC Sponsored Events
Appendix Y  University of California Hoverboard Policy
Appendix Z University of California, Santa Cruz Responsible Action Plan (AKA "Amnesty Policy")
Appendix AA
University of California, Santa Cruz Anti-Hazing Policy