Student Conduct Holds

The Student Conduct Office uses administrative holds for a variety of situations, including to make certain that a student who is facing severe conduct action participates in the Student Conduct process (Section 104.33 of the Student Policies or Regulations Handbook, aka. Student Handbook).  Enrollment Holds and Degree Holds can also be applied to prevent students who have been suspended or dismissed from UC Santa Cruz from registering for courses (Sections 104.91 and 105.12 of the Student Handbook).

The most common reason for a Student Conduct hold is because a student assigned student outcomes (sanctions) and did not complete them by their deadline (Sections 104.91 and 105.12 of the Student Handbook). Holds are not permanent, but may require 1-2 business days to remove. If you need a hold removed by a certain day such as a class registration appointment date, plan ahead to submit the requirements several days in advance. 

How to prevent and address Student Conduct holds:

  • If you receive a “Sanction Deadline Missed” email:

Prior to a Student Conduct hold being placed, you will receive a notice from the Student Conduct Specialist providing you with a description of the assigned outcome (sanction), the deadline for completion, and informing you that a hold will be placed.

If you receive an email you should complete the assignment prior to the deadline and submit it to the Student Conduct Specialist assigned to your incident.  If there are extenuating circumstances and you require a brief extension to complete the assigned outcome you should contact the Conduct Specialist as soon as possible to discuss options.  If you are not sure who to contact you can contact

  • If you have a “Judicial - Adjudicator Hold” or “Student Judicial Affairs” listed under “Holds” in your MyUCSC account:

If your MyUCSC is showing one of the above holds it likely means that the Student Conduct Specialist who was overseeing your case has not received one or more assigned outcomes (sanctions) by the due date.

You should contact the Conduct Specialist who was assigned to your incident about the hold.  If you are not sure who the Conduct Specialist is you can contact for assistance.  The fastest way to clear one of these holds is to address whatever the outstanding requirement is - often that involves completing the assigned outcome (sanction).  If there are extenuating circumstances the Conduct Specialist may be able to work with you to have the hold temporarily lifted, however, a temporary lifting of the hold is normally only done once for 24 hours.

  • If you have another hold listed in your MyUCSC account:

The Student Conduct Office is one of several offices that use holds in MyUCSC.  If you click the “Details” link located at the bottom of the “Holds” section it will take you to a screen with additional information about the hold, including when it was put in place and what department was responsible for placing the hold.  If you click the link for the hold listed under “Hold Item” it will take you to an additional screen with more detail explaining what the hold is for and providing you with instructions on how to have the hold lifted.

Here is a list of references for common holds that students may see:

Offices typically only have access to place and remove holds issued by their office. If after reviewing this information you are unsure about how to have a hold removed you can contact our office at and we will do our best to connect you with the correct office.

Please keep in mind that In order to provide specific information, staff/offices will ask you to verify your identity. 

  • If you meet with a staff member in person, you may be asked to show your student ID.  
  • If you are communicating via telephone or Zoom Web Conference, you may be asked to provide your Security Passphrase. To learn more about what a passphrase is, and how to set one up, please visit the Registrar's Office site:

Updated 8/25/2021

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