Who is the Student Regent?

Each year an academically good standing, registered UC student is selected to serve on the University of California Board of Regents. All non-student Regents are appointed by the Governor of the State of California. A Student Regent, however, is selected through an annual application process and is interviewed and appointed by the UC Regional Commissions (made up of undergraduate and graduate study body presidents from each UC campus), UCSA (made up of at least one voting student representative from each UC campus) and several members of the Board of Regents in the final interview.

The Student Regent has a two year commitment to serve while registered at any of the UC's. From the time of appointment, in the first year of service in July, as a Student Regent, but prior to commencement of service as a member of the Board, the appointee holds the title "Regent-designate" and is invited to the Board of Regents and of its Committees, but without a vote.

During the second year of service, in July of the following year, the Student Regent is a full voting member of the Board of Regents of the University of California, attending all meetings of the Board and its Committees

Duties of the Regent

The Regents establish policy in areas such as personnel, campus development, student fees, admissions, and appointing the President of the University, the ten campus Chancellors, the Directors of the major Department of Energy research laboratories, and the Officers of The Regents.

How is the Student Regent & Designate Compensated? 

The Student Regent is reimbursed for expenses incurred for attendance at meetings of the Board and its Committees. All mandatory University fees, tuition, and parking fees are waived for the Student Regent during the academic years in which they serve as a Regent-designate and member of the Board. 


For additional information regarding the Student Regent position, visit the UC Office of the President's website.

For more information regarding the recruitment process and assistance reviewing your applications, please contact: Brian Arao, (831) 459-3793, barao@ucsc.edu