Funding Request Process

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The Dean of Students Office is committed to exploring innovative ways to actively advance our campus mission for diversity, inclusion, educational equity, accessibility, and safety. By providing funding opportunities for student initiatives and student driven programs, we aim to meet our collective campus commitment and responsibility of closing gaps and eliminating barriers. In our pursuit to support student programming, we invite referrals from student centered and student connected campus partners such as the Resource Centers, CARE, ODEI, EOP, and others.

Who is Eligible?

  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO)
  • Student groups recognized by the University (SUA, GSA, SFAC, SVC, College Governments, etc.)
  • Student groups or student initiated events sponsored by Campus Departments
    • Please note that projects must have a university unit agree to serve as the sponsor, advisor, and administrator of funds. Sponsor is defined as an administrative unit that accepts responsibility for
      overseeing the planning, organization, execution, and expenditure of funds, and assures collaboration with all appropriate campus units to make sure all security and risk concerns are addressed and all applicable laws and university regulations and policies are followed
  • Individual student activities (student groups who are neither an RSO, other student group recognized by the university, or have a campus sponsor, will be considered as individual students and each student should submit an individual funding proposal)

What Is The Criteria?

Any project, initiative, activity, or event (group or individual) that fosters, promotes, and embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and safety, and that improves overall campus climate.

Proposal submissions by/for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Undocu-Accompliship, Accessibility Support, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment awareness/healing, and other DEI supporting programming are highly encouraged to submit.

How are Awards Administered?

For RSO, other student group recognized by the University, or other student group or student initiated event sponsored by a campus department:

  • Funding is administered through a transfer of funds to a university FOAPAL (internal account) in collaboration with your sponsor/advisor
  • Your sponsor/advisor will administer the funds on your behalf

For individual student Activities (student groups who are neither RSO's, other student groups recognized by the University, or have a campus sponsor):

  • Will be considered as individual students and each student should submit an individual funding proposal
  • Funding is processed through the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office or through a Fellowship Payment
    • The appropriate process is determined based on the type of activity the funding is for
  • Receipts and/or documentation with cost estimates are required with the proposal submission

When Will I Know If My Proposal Was Approved?

Submission Timeline:

  • The Dean of Students Office (DOS Office) requires that funding proposals be made no less than 3 weeks in advance of when funding is needed
  • While the three-week lead time is internal to DOS Office, please be mindful of any other timelines that are internal to your sponsoring organization (for instance SOAR timelines) and the time that you will need to process things like travel, set up contracts for services, etc.
  • Proposal submissions will be accepted through May 15 for the current fiscal year
  • Proposal submissions for the new fiscal year will be accepted any time through May 15
  • Activity/event that funding will be used for must occur within the academic year it was awarded for

Status Notification:

  • Requestor will receive a formal status email notification within three weeks

What Are The Funding Levels?

  1. $100 - $2000 (Groups)
  2. $100 - $500 (Individuals)

What Are The Allowable/Non-Allowable Expenses?


  • Travel, Airfare, Conference Registration, Supplies, Food, Event Costs (Honoraria, DJ’s, etc.)

Non-Allowable Expenses

  • Alcohol, *educational expenses (i.e., tuition, housing, books, laboratory equipment/supplies, etc.), or *personal items

*Students should connect with Slug Support for these types of needs

  • Allowable expenses are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and university policies

Are There Any Other Important Considerations?

  • Activity/event that funding will be used for must occur within the academic year it was awarded for
  • If event plans change, please reach out to DOS Office with change status update; unused funds should be returned
  • After your event, the following should be returned to DOS Office referencing your proposal:
    • Unused funding (if applicable)
    • Documentation &/or receipts
    • A progress report; report back about the impact of your activity
  • For in-person events, please ensure that all interim Public Health Policy and COVID-19 protocols and requirements are followed 

How Do I Submit My Proposal? 

  • Submit a funding proposal form HERE and wait for a status notification within three weeks 
  • Contact if you have any questions, status updates, or problems with the form