Student Conduct

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The Student Judicial Affairs Office is responsible for the overall coordination of the student conduct process and policies on campus. This includes the interpretation of policies from UC General Counsel as well as federal and state laws that may aply to students. The director works closely with the colleges, residential life staff, campus police, the Title IX/Sexual Harassment Officer and other important resources on campus.

Student Judicial Affairs compiles campus wide statistics on reported rules violations, hate- or bias-motivated incidents and distributes quarterly and annual reports to the campus community.

Student Judicial Affairs is also responsible for maintaining the Student Policies and Regulations Handbook (formerly referred to as the Rule Book), which outlines all policies, regulations and procedures that apply to students and student organizations. Students who violate certain campus policies may be reffered to Student Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action. Typically, the director handles cases involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, physical assault, drug possession or distribution, hazing, stalking, student organization violations, or cases that may also result in criminal charges.

The director also oversees conduct cases that may result in suspension or dismissal from the university. The director advises the Campus Judicial Board which is comprised of students, faculty and staff. The board meets on an as needed basis to hear cases of alleged misconduct and provide recommended sanctions for students found in violation of campus policies.

The director can also provide assistance and advice to students regarding the campuses process for filing grievances or complaints based on actions of alleged discrimination or harassment that may have occurred.

Questions regarding the student discipline process or the Student Policies and Regulations Handbook should be directed to Student Judicial Affairs at (831) 459-1738 or

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