Contact Information for Respondent Services 

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Respondent Support Services provide comprehensive support and assistance to student respondents alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual violence, dating/violence, stalking or sexual harassment).

Respondent Support Services help a respondent navigate the complaint, investigation and/or adjudication process, as well as the associate impacts, directly and/or indirectly by referring a respondent to available campus and community resources. While this service is not confidential the staff member who provides the service will typically not share information disclosed in the course of facilitation and support without a signed release and consent from the respondent.

The designated staff member who provides respondent support services is a designated employee of the University of California, is required to notify the proper University authorities whenever an incident of sexual misconduct is reported.

Services Available for the Respondent:

A. Personal support, campus navigation & accommodation

1. Identify respondent needs during the complaint, investigation, and/or adjudication process

2. Counseling and/or psychological services referrals

3. Referrals to legal counsel, including assistance with understanding and complying with

4. Assist with seeking financial resources

5. Assist with securing interpreter/translation services (to include sign language)

6. Assist with other resources for special student populations such as international,

7. Assist with other resources as needed and available.

B. Support in navigating applicable university processes

1. Assist with navigation throughout the investigation, student conduct process, including formal hearings. Support to include: Explanation of rights and the University adjudication process; Guidance and support through Title IX and student conduct processes; Title IX and student conduct meeting and hearing accompaniments; Assistance in navigating logistical challenges of interim suspensions or other restrictions of privileges.