Slug Support Team Overview

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.-Henry Ford

The process begins with the Slug Support Coordinators, who work with students directly and refers cases to the Slug Support Team as appropriate.

The Slug Support Team is a cross-divisional, multi-functional team that meets on a regular basis to review problems presented by UCSC students working with our program related to social, mental health, physical, financial, academic and/or a combination of these issues. Through collaboration and the coordination of resources, the Slug Support Team aims to retain  enrolled students to move them toward graduation. The Slug Support Team serves ALL UCSC Students including both undergraduate and graduate, as well as on and off-campus students.  The Slug Support Team provides a forum in which information gathered from multiple sources is reviewed in order to produce a comprehensive understanding of a student’s level of functioning.  


Slug Support Team Members:

Students of concern may be referred by any member of the campus community to the Slug Support Team through the following methods:

1) Referral to the Slug Support Program via email at or by phone at 831-459-4446

2) Submitting an online referral form by clicking on a link below and sending it to

Submit an online referral form here.

3) If you are familiar or are working with the Slug Support Team's member listed above, you may make a referral directly to that person


**Please note that the Slug Support Team is not available for immediate crises.  If you are working with a student or are a student experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the 24 hour crisis line at 831-459-2628.  If you are or are working with someone in a life-threatening emergency, please contact the Police by dialing 911.