UC Santa Cruz-Food Security & Access Working Group

UC Santa Cruz launched a student food security and access subcommittee during the 2015 Spring quarter. The task force meets monthly and consists of students, staff, and faculty that are involved with food security efforts on campus. The goal of the subcommittee is to work on developing immediate food support and services while also working beyond the food pantry model to better provide holistic support for food security. Stakeholders are collectively working to complete the various efforts and milestones listed in the current implementation plan for the academic year of 2015-2016. Stakeholders include the Dean of Students, Slug Support, the Food Systems Working Group, the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS), GFI fellows and interns, Health Center, UCSC Dining, SUA, and the chairs of the committee CASFS and the Blum Center. More information about the UC wide food security and access subcommittee is available here.


  • Nancy Chen

    Nancy Chen - UC Santa Cruz Blum Center Director, UCSC Food Security Co-Chair (Anthropology Department)

    Contact me for student internships, information on food security efforts system-wide and on-campus.

  • Crystal Owings

    Crystal Owings, UCSC Food Equity & Access Coordinator

    Contact me about food security and access efforts on campus, GFI internships, and student engagement.
  • Rosalinda Gallegos

    Rosalinda Gallegos, Dean of Students Coordinator

    Contact me about Slug Support, CalFresh, and food security.
  • Tim Galarneau

    Tim Galarneau, UC GFI Food Security and Access Co-Chair, UCSC Food Security Co-Chair (CASFS)

    Contact me for student internships, information on food security efforts system-wide and on-campus.
  • Committee Materials

    Food Security and Access Working Group Meeting Notes
    2015-2016 Implementation Plan
    Facility Mapping Report

  • UCSC Global Food Initiative (GFI) Fellowship

  • Interested in joining faculty, staff, and student efforts to advance food systems inquiry and practice through agroecology and social justice?  Consider applying to be a 2016-2017 Global Food Initiative Fellow and receive a $4,000 fellowship!  The application can be found here and is due May 11th, 2016.  Fellowships are for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year.

    Meet your current UCSC fellows here.

    GFI logo

    UCSC GFI Internships
    Interested in immersing yourself in the efforts to improve student food security and access on campus?  Apply to be a Global Food Initiative Intern today!  Interns gain experience working with stakeholders across campus for initiatives that uphold student food security, assist food access sites on campus (Produce Pop Up, Slug Support) and much more.  Interns may gain critical leadership experience from coalition building to project management with the following partners: UCSC Food Systems Working Group, the Dean of Students Office, UCSC Dining and more!

    For more details about open positions, please contact Crystal Owings (cowings@ucsc.edu) or Tim Galarneau (tgalarne@ucsc.edu)