Get information about the programs and services that are supported by student fees, including mandatory tuition and Student Services Fees as well as campus-based fees voted on and passed by students through referenda measures. Other types of fees include course materials fees, summer fees, and miscellaneous fees.

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What are Student Fees?


UC-wide mandatory fee for all students set by The Regents used to support student financial aid and related programs, admissions, registration, administration, libraries, operations and maintenance of plant, the University’s operating budget, and all costs related to instruction and faculty salaries. Nonresident Supplemental Tuition is a UC-wide mandatory fee set by The Regents and charged to undergraduate and graduate students who are not residents of California. Review the current fees for undergraduate and graduate students (through the Registrar's Office).

Student Services Fee

UC-wide mandatory fee for all students set by The Regents used to support a variety of non-instructional student service activities such as counseling and mental health services, academic advising, tutorial assistance, cultural and recreation programs, and capital improvements, which provide extracurricular benefits for students.

Campus-Based Fees/Referenda

Campus-based mandatory fees are initiated and approved by students via a student referendum (through the campus elections process) and later approved by The Regents; fees are a condition of enrollment. The type of fees and fee levels vary between undergraduate and graduate students based on the terms of the referendum, and the revenues must be used in accordance with the referendum language. The fees help to support student programming and activities, student facilities, student transportation, student government, childcare, and student health. Campus fees may also be assessed by the Chancellor for safety related reasons such as seismic upgrades for campus buildings.

Read descriptions of the current campus-based fees/referenda:

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Miscellaneous & Course Materials Fees

User fees, service charges, or fines assessed to cover the cost of services and materials, which are not mandatory as a condition of enrollment and are only charged to students and others when they actually use the service (e.g., application fees, duplicate diplomas fee, course material fees, lab use fees, etc.).