Slug Support Pantry

The Slug Support Food Pantry supports the success of all students. We believe that access to food is a human right, and are dedicated to destigmatizing food insecurity. Through a holistic approach, we prioritize the needs of students above all else. We are a safe haven that promotes liberation and well-being for all students. 

COVID-19 Operations 

Make an appointment on our Calendly site, a new appointment is needed every visit. If all appointment slots are full or it is too late to make an appointment you may drop-in during the last hour of distribution.

Distribution is taking place at the Cowell Coffee Shop. Please enter through the indoor entrance and exit via the patio. 

Sign-in has moved to a QR code format- we are no longer swiping IDs. If you need assistance signing in one of our staff can assist you.

Masks are required at all times. We have masks for students that need them. If you are feeling sick, require accommodations, or need assistance accessing the Slug Support Food Pantry please contact so that we can accommodate your needs.